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  • Add support for DuckDuckGo search engine


  • Update language files
  • Update adblock filter list url


  • Update Turkish language file.
  • Fixed bug in form filler.


  • Fixed bug in form filler
  • Fixed playback issue of qq video and sohu video.


  • Moved youtube video download button to left bottom side of the playing video.


  • Bug fix: youtube video download button missing when signed in.


  • Bug fix: youtube video download button missing.


  • Bug fix: youtube video download button missing.


  • Added option to set application font.
  • Bug fix: window position not saved properly on Mac.


  • Disable "startup minimized in system tray" on linux and mac.
  • Update language files.


  • Added support for editing title of the quick-dial buttons on the New Tab page.
  • Fixed Yahoo email compatibility warning.


  • Fixed weather forecast issue.


  • Fixed compatibility warning on Google Drive site.
  • Added error information page for web sites that can't be opened.
  • Fixed a bug when updating the screenshot of quickdial buttons.


  • Fixed display issue of www.freestockcharts.com when ad blocker is enabled.


  • Update language files.


  • Added Finnish language file
  • Bug fix: new tab option not working correctly when openning bookmark links.
  • Added "Remove job and delete file" to mini download manager context menu.


  • Bug fix: cookie exception sites not saved properly
  • Fixed youtube video download issues when html5 feature is eanabled.
  • Renamed some of the language files.


  • Update language files
  • Rebuild Windows version with VS2010.


  • Bug fix: Bookmarks menu not clickable under Mac
  • Added menu "View:Toolbars:Lock Toolbar".
  • Bug fix: unable to change tabs page background color


  • Added support for submitting language files directly from language file manager.
  • Bug fix: quickfill form filler not working properly with some sites
  • Fixed a bug with groups organizer
  • Bug fix: ctrl+= shortcut not working for zoom-in.
  • Added support for disabling ad blocker on top level domain (Tools:Ad Blocker:Disable Ad Blocker on Top Level Domain)
  • Fixed a bug associated with file name detection in download manager.
  • Completed Portuguese Brazilian language file.


  • Fixed mouse-hovering highlighting issue on tabs page
  • Add support for opening groups and forms from tabs page.
  • Added support for reordering the sites defined in the tabs page.


  • Add support for bookmarks and history side panel.
  • Change: don't show "open all bookmarks" at the top level of bookmark menu.
  • Added context menu for bookmarks menu so that you can edit or delete bookmarks by right clicking on the bookmarks menu.
  • Added more ad blocker filter lists for other languages.
  • Added find capability in source code viewer.


  • Bug fix: row and column count setting on quickdial page not saved properly.


  • Updated the design of quickdial page (about:tabs) to support setting the number of rows and columns, specifying background color and background image
  • Allow web inspector to be docked into the main window
  • Improved startup speed when quickdial page is set as homepage.
  • Removed toolbar borders
  • Added option to show bookmark menu as single column scrollable menu.
  • Added support of "Pin It" operation for pinterest.com. Accessible from menu "Tools:Share This Page:Pin It". A toolbar button is also available.
  • Added support for sorting bookmarks by name in bookmark organizer dialog.
  • Added toolbar button for menu "File->Send Shortcut to Desktop".


  • Fix facebook.com display issue
  • Added support to convert downloaded youtube video files into mp3 files under Mac and Linux.


  • Bug fix: when changing search engine in tabs page, the current keyword is lost.
  • Fixed a few Ad blocker internal bugs.
  • Print preview dialog not translated properly
  • Added more available toolbar buttons. Customize standard toolbar to see the extra buttons.
  • Bug fix: download confirmation dialogs not positioned properly on multi-monitor configurations.


  • Add support for local directory browsing
  • Fixed bug associated with the display of title of PDF files and text files.
  • Bug fix: execute javascript from address bar with urls starting with "javascript:"
  • Added Turkish language file.


  • Update language files.
  • Minor bug fix in ad blocker.


  • Add menu Tools:SlimBoat data folder
  • Bug fix: ctrl+f wouldn't bring up the find dialog when the menu bar is hidden.
  • Save crash dump file when SlimBoat crashes (Windows version only)
  • Add option to extract mp3 audio file from downloaded youtube video file
  • Bug fix: default zoom setting not applied correctly in some cases.
  • Fix tooltip color issue under linux in GTK+ application style.


  • Bug fix: searching for multiple keywords via the search box in tabs page wasn't done correctly.
  • Completed French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Korean language files.
  • Added option to add "Do Not Track" header into http request in tools:options:privacy
  • Fixed tooltip color under GTK+ style in linux version.
  • Bug fix: entering a local directory in address bar crashed slimboat.


  • Rebuild linux version under Ubuntu 10.04 to ensure compatibility with linux distributions using glibc 2.11 or higher.
  • Fixed translation issue of application name
  • Modified Window menu to show the list of main windows as well as the tabs within the current main window.
  • Added the list of main windows to the dock menu under Mac.
  • Fixed the display issue of youtube download video button on linux and Mac


  • Fixed ssl errors due to missing root ssl certificates on puppy linux
  • Adjusted default font size on puppy linux.


  • Added setting to change mousewheel scrolling speed under Mac and Linux (Tools:options:mouse)
  • Reduced height of find bar in Mac version
  • Add brackets around temperature display for negative temperatures
  • Bug fix: Can't input characters with ATL key for some European keyboard layouts.
  • Add menu: Help->Find Us on Facebook
  • Bug fix: Bookmarks were added into wrong folder when bookmark bar is not visible.
  • Fixed some buy in interpretation of ad blocker exception rules.


  • Fix bookmark bar height issue when there are no bookmarks.
  • Fix jpeg library version issue in linux version.
  • Bug fix: opening external html files doesn't work correctly in some cases.


  • Fix default browser setting issue under Windows 8
  • New Feature: Send link by email
  • Bug fix: tab bar position not saved properly
  • Fixed a bug related with CSS filtering in ad blocker feature.


  • Automatically fill forms when a matching saved form is detected.
  • Save user agent settings on a per-domain basis
  • Fixed context menu in online email composer text area.
  • Added menu "File->Save Shortcut"


  • Fixed crash under Mac OS X 10.6.x.


  • Fixed connection issue to https://service.oneaccount.com


  • Upgrade to QT 4.8.3 on Mac and Linux version.
  • Fixed a bug with flash rendering on Mac and linux.
  • Bug fix: web page stuck after saving a screenshot image.
  • Fixed ssl error on yahoo email login page.
  • Fixed a crash case associated with quickfill form filler.
  • Update language files.


  • Upgrade to QT 4.8.3 on Windows version.
  • Fixed SSL errors in QT 4.8
  • Fixed flash video scrolling issues in QT 4.8
  • A lot of other smaller bug fixes.


  • 20+ bug fixes
  • Added option to block all gif images in ad blocker.


  • Fixed map dragging issue flightradar24.com
  • Fixed firefox bookmark import issue on Windows XP
  • Changed default bookmark export format to HTML
  • Fixed quickfill autosave prompt box location issue
  • Fixed a bug with proxy setting.


  • Fixed SlimBoat activation issue when clicking external links.
  • Fixed bug with renaming quickfill form files.


  • Fixed a couple of bugs with QuickFill form filler.
  • Fixed ssl library issue.


  • Added ad blocker
  • Added option not to automatically load flash objects to save memory and bandwidth consumed by flash ads. You can click on the flash objects to manually load the flash object.
  • Bug fix: weather forecasting feature
  • Added support to download youtube video


Build 012

  • Fixed crash with softpedia.com
  • Add menu "Open All Bookmarks" to the bookmark menu.

Build 010

  • Upgraded to QTWebkit 2.2.0
  • Fixed crash with pages using java applet
  • Other misc bug fixes.

Build 001

The first release includes the following major features

  • Site group
  • QuickFill form filler
  • Popup blocker
  • Weather forecasting information
  • Download manager
  • Facebook and other web service integration
  • Web page translation


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